Experience Profound Seduction Success
There are individuals who exude a certain something when they enter a room. You can sense it. You cannot help but pay attention to their presence. Know what it is? Yes, pheromones. The chemical messengers that influence others within your vicinity. Learn how to use them to your advantage and observe your social interactions skyrocket! Dating supermodels cannot be simplier.
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Sexual Arousal Audio
Three years in the making, this contains patented audio entrancements designed to illicit sexual arousal in you and your partner. Works effectively through speakers & headphones. An excellent companion to have for "sealing the deal".

Pheromone Generator Audio
When you are tired or stressed the pheromones you produce are not conducive to successful seduction. This CD uses binaural beats to enhance the potency of your pheromones to ensure the action never stops.

Charismatic Personality Audio
Watch as your charisma shoots upwards leaving the ladies mesmerized by your words. Excellent before hitting the dating field or an important meeting. Boost your charisma by 500%!